The Story

"The idea behind the making of Rose is to give customers a sensible luxury brand.
All the current existing brands in the industry are either affordable but with very bad quality or great quality but ridiculously priced and the products that are moderately priced are specially made with an idea called planned obsolescence, meaning they purposefully make their products not good enough so that the life of the product decreases to the perfect amount keeping in check that it’s not too unreliable but not too reliable either, so that the customers can come back more frequently to increase the sales.

With Rose, the idea was just the opposite.
To provide customers with great quality at much lesser prices according to industry standards.

We have worked day and night on the designs & the fittings of the products to make them classy and as perfect as possible, so that you don’t feel the need to have more & more styles in your wardrobe. That is why we call ourselves 'The Ideal Classic'.

As much as this sounds like a bad business idea, the world we live in is getting smarter and it is about time to step into a smarter direction with the world."

- Vipul Dhankher, aka “Vilen”