Are these products expensive?

Each and every product at Rose is constructed using the finest materials available in the market. We believe in providing the highest quality at honest prices.

Other traditional high fashion brands that use such premium quality materials, charge much much higher because there are countless middle men involved, then there are big marketing budgets thrown around & finally they are sold in expensive up street locations for all which the brand has to compensate from the price of the products. While we don't have to compensate any of this, the prices of our products are as low as they can be. We at Rose believe that the customers should only pay for what they are actually getting and not what other luxury brands make them believe they are getting.

We are not just trying to make you feel rich. We are trying to give you the complete worth for what you pay.

  • Suvin Gold Cotton

    Suvin is the finest cotton in the world. The cotton staple are the longest and the thinnest which makes the constructed garment substantially softer and sturdier.

    Suvin is a hybrid of an Egyptian cotton and a Sea Island cotton found in the Southern Indian estate of Tamil Nadu.

    Only a few bales are grown each year and are extremely difficult to cultivate. This rare superfine cotton is the jewel in the Indian cotton crown.

  • Selvedge Denim

    'Selvedge' is the name for the higher-quality, harder-to-produce type of denim. The term refers to the self-finished tightly woven and durable edges on each side of the fabric which is woven the vintage way on shuttle looms instead of projectile looms.

    Projectile looms create denim with unfinished edges leaving the fabric vulnerable to fraying and unravelling and the narrow width of shuttle looms ensures better quality check. Selvedge denim reflects the time, care and effort which goes into the creation of the garment making it unique, premium and an authentic denim experience.

  • Vegetable Tanned Goat Nappa Leather

    Nappa- is reffered to the top-quality leather which is incredibly soft, smooth and strong.

    Vegetable tanning- is a natural and a very time-consuming process, soaking hides in concentrated tannins over a course of several months which makes the leather more beautiful and better with age.

    Goat leather - is durable, water resistant, light, soft and flexible. This versatile nature makes it most ideal leather for day to day wear.